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Barista Mini

This 2-day special training includes Barista Basic and Latte Art.

Barista Basic is a must for every beginner: here you´ll learn the theoretical basics of origin, processing and roasting of the coffee bean. The practical part covers the daily operations of a barista. Working with espresso machines and grinders, preparing the perfect milk foam and the most popular coffee drinks. Participants will be able to practice on several different professional espresso machines (semi-automatic) from different manufacturers.

In the Latte Art seminar, you will learn the basic techniques of latte art: pouring and carving. At the end of the seminar you will be able to “draw” hearts or leaves in the espresso crema. With a little practice, you will be able to pour various decorative designs to create additional value for your customers. The requirement of a successful participation: expert knowledge of creamy, shiny milk foam. You will learn how to froth your milk at the Barista Basic seminar.

Seminar duration:
Two day seminar

Participation fees:
€ 357 plus tax

Number of participants:
Min. 4 people per seminar
Max. 6 people per seminar

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Saving Participants
Tu-We 16.05. - 17.05.
Barista Mini
German € 357 € 63 Registration
Tu 16.05. Barista Basic German € 210 € 0 Registration
We 17.05. Latte Art German € 210 € 0 Registration