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Coffee Master Gold

The Coffee Master Gold consists of a seven-day training at the Escuela de Café de El Salvador in San Salvador. There you will learn about all the necessary steps for processing a coffee bean; from sowing the seeds in the nursery to planting, harvesting and the actual processing until the Quality Grading and preparation of the green beans for export. The focus of the training will be on the actual cultivation conditions on the spot. You will be provided with knowledge about the different varieties of Arabica beans in regard to their specific resistence and growth characteristics. Additionally we will examine diseases, nursing and correct fertilizers for a coffee plant. To complete the Coffee Master training we will prepare professional cuppings of different, freshly picked and processed microlots. On the agenda will also be a visit to the inventor of the Pacamara-variety, who will deliver a short lecture concerning the working methods for the cultivation of high quality and specifically resistant coffee plants.
In collaboration with the embassy of El Salvador in Berlin, the coffee school in San Salvador will facilitate contact to German Salvadorians, who are active in the local coffee business. Here you will have the opportunity to talk to the coffee farmers, to assure yourself of the usefulness of the cultivation methods and become acquainted with the country-specific coffee culture.
At the end of the week we will test your knowledge about the cultivation conditions, the refining and cupping of coffee in a theoretical and practical examination. The main focus of this exam will be on the quality differences in cultivation, roasting and the correct preparation of speciality coffee.

Focus on:

  • Breeding
  • Harvest
  • Quality
  • Grading
  • Export
  • Quality management
  • Botanical characteristics
  • Diseases
  • Nursing
  • Refining

Target audience:

In principle everybody can take part in the Coffee Master experience – from coffee processing companies such as roasteries, coffee shops and machine manufacturers to the future green bean trader, coffee sommeliers and Q-grader. Simple coffee freaks will be just as in good hands as everybody who likes to get a deeper insight into the world of coffee.
Depending on your specific knowledge you probably need to have passed the CoffeeMaster Silver exam.

Seminar duration:
7 days

Participation fee:
1.890€ per Person

Number of participants:
Minimum of 5 persons
Maximum of 10 persons